In my life time I have found that three principles help to nourish me and ground me. Love, Light and Nature.

I was born in East Africa, in the bleached out landscape of its untamed beauty. It was at a time in history when wildlife was less threatened and less adapted to the human impact of tourism, and humans lived and worked close with the earth, forced to by the challenges Nature brought them. God’s country I called it.
When I left Africa to live in England I missed God’s country and the authentic ways of its people and I sought an equivalent in Europe.
I found my big skies in Provence where I put down roots. Its light, dramatic ancient beauty and peacefulness was, I realised, healing to me and I decided to create somewhere for others to also reap its benefits.

Here, in the Summer months, I offer bespoke getaways of intensive healing. Come with a friend or spouse and spend a few days being nurtured and supported. Slow down, regain your relationship with nature, have healing for body, mind and soul, revitalise and retrieve your inner force and learn, even for a few days, to just BE.

Suffering ill health (mental, physical or spiritual) is personal – we suffer in our individual ways. It is therefore important that we work out your needs together to create the best way to boost healing for you on every level.