I am a healer – an energy healer – a faith healer- whatever name you put to it. I use prayer. I use love. I use light.
Each time someone is “healed” I am stunned by the sheer simplicity of eliminating dis-ease … and intrigued by my contrasting response … that I find it both wondrous and magical and yet so primitively normal and acceptable.

My mother was a healer, and when I accompanied her to conferences as a small child, elderly ladies took me aside to tell me I had healing hands. Though this deemed gift was rejected by me at the time I later trained in Reiki. I used it for the first time when my small son came down with a high fever and frightening cough I thought could kill him. It was night. I cradled him in my arms and put one hand on his hot head and one on his chest. I asked for love and light to come through me. I asked for him to be healed. Within minutes it was clear that the temperature of his head had dropped and the coughing had stopped, but assuming I was imagining it, I continued for a while. After another twenty minutes with no cough, no fever and a peaceful sleeping baby in my arms, I surrendered to the fact that something astonishing had just happened, and that he was better.

Since then I have never ceased to be amazed by the powerful efficacy of the energy of love .

I have been practicing for the last 15 years and have developed a unique blend of Reiki and Theta Healing. I have trained in NLP and studied counselling, addiction counselling, nutrition, Shamanism and working with Angels.

My clients remain fully clothed and are either seated or lying down – whatever makes them feel most comfortable. I channel love, light and healing energy from my hands for the better part of an hour. More often than not they fall asleep or into a state of deep relaxation.

Healing is achieved in partnership. Whilst I send healing, my client receives it. The results are achieved together. It is important to open heart and mind to allow the energy to move into the body and flow.

I am currently based in London where I practice my healing in the comfort of clients homes. If they are far from the city I send healing at a distance. Many of my clients I have never met and have spoken only via phone.

Alternatively or as well as, I offer intensive ‘Getwell Getaways’ at my house in Provence, with the emphasis on holistic healing in an environment of restorative beauty.