I fractured my shoulder and after some sessions with Nicky, those treating me were impressed by the pace of recovery and movement. Annabel UK

Nicky is a remarkable person. She has been treating my wife for stage four metastatic cancer for the last eighteen months. During that time my wife has triumphantly survived a traumatic operation which could, frankly, have gone either way. Not only that, but she has gone on to show a level of resilience and well-being that has astonished her doctors. The illness has stabilised, and she continues to live a happy and active life. As an instinctive sceptic in such matters, I can only say, with her doctors, that results cannot be denied simply because they are hard to explain. Which leaves me where I began: Nicky is a remarkable person.Dave, France

Thank you for helping me when I needed it most. When I was going through the tongue cancer treatment I was very sick from radiation and chemotherapy and your healing sessions not only gave me hope but were the only times when I got a break from the nausea and pain. One time stands out.. You made me visualise the cancer tumor disappearing and I had a powerful out of body experience. The following week my doctor, to her great surprise confirmed that the tumor was gone even though we were in the beginning phase of the treatment. I so appreciate your caring and unwavering support and willingness to always help when needed. I appreciate the countless long-distance sessions and I am sure that they are an integral part of my survival and healing. You possess an amazing gift.George, France

I pulled my back out when moving. Nicky worked on it and I was so amazed at how much it helped. At first I didn’t think it would, but after a couple of days the awful horrible pain was almost completely gone. Then she came for a second session and after that, all the pain was gone and I could bend and move like before. Amazing! I highly recommend her.Katie, France

I thought my old dog was dying when Nicky treated him. The following morning he was back to his healthy self and he is still alive and kicking!Victoria, UK

Nicky treated me for an intimate problem that I felt too shy about going to the doctor for. She treated me at a distance and made me completely better after a couple of sessions. Fantastic!Mary, UK

Nicky has transformed two lives- mine and that of my beloved dog, Josie. At a time when I was in despair and unable to cope and after just one healing session, Nicky brought lightness and peace and the means to cope back into my life. I felt able to move forward with happiness.

Josie was suffering from nerve root pain following a savage attack by another dog. It was feared she might have nerve root cancer. Nicky worked on her and now I rarely, if ever, need to give her painkillers and she is back to her happy waggy-tailed self. Nicky is truly extraordinary and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Sara, UK

Nicky gives comfort to everyone she comes in touch with. Her generosity is restorative. Sydney, US